2015 Mastercraft X23

This particular 2015 Mastercraft X23 was at a Local Dealership and they were having troubles with a feedback noise in the audio. We went back through the whole factory system and determined we needed to rewire the whole system. With all new marine grade wiring the feedback disappeared and the client was happy. Call today for all your audio needs 407-704-5676.


Head Unit in Mastercraft X23


4 Tower Speakers


dual amplifiers in X23


Four JL audio tower speakers

WetSounds Audio Installed In Maverick

A Customer brought us a Maverick in search of a sound system, the sounds system we thought would fit best was a full WetSound audio system hooked up to a WetSound bluetooth control knob. We used a WetSound HT4 amplifier to power four XS808 8″ convertible component speakers. This whole sound system is hooked up to a WetSound Bluetooth Control Knob that makes picking the right song a a breeze.


Two convertible component speakers on each side


Maverick boat with WetSound audio system

WetSound HT4 amplifier

WetSound HT4 amplifier


8″ WetSound Convertible component speakers


WetSound Bluetooth Control Knob


Polk Audio Installed In 2014 Nautique G21

A client brought in his 2014 Nautique G21 needing service on the audio. After diagnosing the problem we installed a Polk Receiver system integrated to the factory myLink screen and did a full Polk amp and speaker package.


Polk receiver integrated into MyLink


2014 G21 MyLink


SeaDek interior

Ocean LED Underwater Lights Installed on Four Winns Deck Boat

Our client spends a lot of  nights on the water in his Four winns deck boat and came to us wanting to end the night time visibility problem. We installed a pair of Ocean LED underwater lights to illuminate what lies below the waters surface. The Underwater glow makes night time boating safer, allowing you to see obstructions while navigating tight or shallow waters. The Ocean LED lights come with a 1 year over the counter warranty on the lights themselves and a lifetime warranty on the labor. Call to day to price out your boat accessories and take your summer to the Next Level 407-704-5676.

Four Winds boat with Ocean LED underwater lights installed.

Four Winns deck boat with a pair of Ocean LED underwater lights installed.

Ocean LED underwater lights installed on Four Winds boat.

Ocean LED underwater lights installed on Four Winns deck boat.

Underwater Lights by Ocean LED installed in Four Winds boat.

Underwater Lights by Ocean LED installed in Four Winns deck boat.