The Classic Chevy Corvette Stingray

Corvette Sting Ray in front of shop. Next Level Customs. Next Level Inc. Orlando Custom Audio.
Corvette Sting Ray in front of shop.

In the world of automotive legends, the Chevy Corvette Stingray holds a special place. A true icon of the roads, this classic beauty recently embarked on a transformative journey at our shop, where it was infused with modern innovations while preserving its timeless allure. As the engine roared and the wheels turned, the Corvette Stingray underwent a series of upgrades, from an Alpine head unit to custom speakers, a powerful amp, and a host of thoughtful additions. This article unveils the story of how a vintage masterpiece was seamlessly blended with cutting-edge technology.

Modernizing the Interior

The heart of this classic was revived with modern technology as the iLX-507 Alpine head unit was seamlessly integrated. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto breathed new life into the Corvette’s dashboard, providing connectivity and entertainment at the touch of a button. The experience was further elevated with the addition of the HCE-C114 Alpine rear camera, offering a modern safety feature without compromising the car’s aesthetics.

A Symphony of Sound

The transformation extended to the auditory realm, with the introduction of X-Series 6.5″ speakers that were ingeniously housed within custom-fabricated kick panels. The challenge of redesigning the kick panels was met with precision, ensuring that the speakers not only fit seamlessly but also enhanced the car’s interior aesthetics. The audio journey continued with the addition of R-Series 6×9″ speakers, delivering a full spectrum of sound.

Amplifiers and Subwoofers

The modernization included the X-Series 5 channel amp, which not only integrated seamlessly but also ensured that every note was delivered with precision. The heartbeat of the sound system was the R-Series 10″ subwoofer, housed in a custom matte black enclosure that exuded sophistication. A custom trim panel added a touch of personalization.

The Corvette Stingray’s character was preserved as we relocated the lower A/C vent

The journey of modernizing the Classic Chevy Corvette Stingray is a celebration of innovation. It’s a testament to the fact that technology and design can coexist to create an automotive masterpiece that resonates with both nostalgia and modern sensibilities. As this revitalized classic takes to the roads, it does so as a beacon of automotive excellence, proving that some legends only get better with time.

Corvette Stingray, photo of car in shop.

This 1975 Silverado is the first of its year. Owner Jimmy Yeager and his son rebuilt this truck from the ground up and it looks amazing!

Our team custom fabricated and custom installed Alpine Electronics S series speakers by the doors, a couple of Alpine S 10″ subwoofers behind the seats in a custom box, and a new Pioneer Electronics AVH-3500NEX flip out screen for radio controls.

Hope you like what we did to the “Orange Peel”, Jimmy Yeager and Family!

Click to watch the interview with Jimmy and his son upon delivery of their Orange Peel’s new custom audio.

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’68 Chevy Suburban SeaDek® Installation

EndeavorDek installed on a vintage car by Next Level Orlando.

At Next Level, Inc., we’ve earned the reputation of being one of the best SeaDek installers in boats across Central Florida. But did you know SeaDek® can be fabricated and installed in more than just boats?

When this cool ratrod ’68 Chevy Suburban came into our shop, it was ready for an internal upgrade. That’s where this SeaDek® installation came in. We fitted a lasered wood grain chocolate over black in the trunk of the vehicle to give this classic car a modern and functional trunk. The flooring material was installed to cover the airbag suspension tanks and system. When SeaDek® is installed on a non-marine project, it’s called “EndeavorDek”. The same decking material installed on the Mars Rover!

Check out the before and after pictures below to see an incredible difference!

Like the look of this SeaDek® installation? You can also get it installed in your car, golf cart, truck steps and more!

ColorWay: Chocolate over Black

Before and After

New Engine

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