Dodge Challenger Gets Custom Fitted Subwoofers

Challenger Featured photo. Challenger. Feature photo. Subwoofer upgrade. Feature photo. Next level in background. Next Level Customs. Next Level Inc. Orlando Custom Audio.
Challenger. Feature photo. Subwoofer upgrade.

Alpine R-Series Subwoofers: Setting the Stage for Sonic Brilliance

To infuse the Challenger’s interior with heart-pounding audio, we turned to the Alpine R-Series 10-inch subwoofers. Renowned for their exceptional sound quality and performance, these subwoofers are designed to reproduce deep, impactful bass that adds a new dimension to the listening experience.

The choice of the Alpine R-Series was not just about enhancing the bass; it was about creating a symphony that resonates perfectly with the car’s character. These subwoofers excel in delivering accurate and clear bass notes, ensuring that the music remains detailed and dynamic even at high volumes.

We fitted this Dodge Challenger with some all new Alpine subwoofers, and a custom built subwoofer enclosure!

Crafting Excellence: Custom Subwoofer Enclosure

To harness the full potential of the Alpine R-Series subwoofers, we embarked on the creation of a custom-fitted and built subwoofer enclosure. This step was crucial to achieving the best possible audio performance while maintaining the Challenger’s interior aesthetics.

  1. Design and Measurements: Our team meticulously measured the available space in the trunk and carefully designed an enclosure that optimized both air volume and subwoofer positioning. The enclosure’s design was not only functional but also tailored to blend seamlessly with the Challenger’s interior design.
  2. Precision Fabrication: Crafting the enclosure required precision fabrication to ensure a perfect fit. We used high-quality materials that not only enhanced audio quality but also ensured the enclosure’s durability and longevity.
  3. Integration and Aesthetics: The custom enclosure was designed to look like an integral part of the trunk, showcasing our commitment to preserving the Challenger’s visual appeal. It seamlessly merged with the existing design, proving that audio enhancements can be both impressive and subtle.

Alpine Series R 10 Subwoofers

The Sonic Symphony Unleashed

Once the Alpine R-Series subwoofers and custom enclosure were seamlessly integrated into the purple Dodge Challenger, it was time for the moment of truth. With the audio system calibrated and tuned to perfection, the Challenger’s interior was transformed into an acoustic wonderland. The deep, resonant bass notes combined with the powerful engine’s roar, creating a symphony that resonated not only in the ears but in the soul of the driver.

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    Project 5ton Durango Monster Truck Is Now For Sale!

    Dodge Durango Monster Truck For Sale

    Next Level has a fun hobby of getting dirty, and we built a 5 ton Dodge Durango Monster Truck just for you. This monster mud truck is available for sale! This is a turn-key vehicle with a big list of power-train mods, available trailer and more! This lifted Dodge Durango has an 06′ LS2 motor.


    This truck has been professionally wrapped in white for a very clean loo. It has many mods so for more infomation, or to purchase this Dodge Durango Super Monster Truck please call and make an appointment, or email us at [email protected].

    The truck is on site and can be viewed anytime, for more info, please email us with your questions.

    Escort Max CI 360 Installed on Dodge Hellcat Charger

    muscle car hellcat

    **MAX Ci 360 is only available from certified installation experts.**

    muscle car hellcat

    2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat

    Call us today: 407-704-5676

    The ESCORT MAX Ci 360 is the best, most advanced detection system for the ultimate in driver alert and ticket protection on the planet. Designed to be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, it features front & rear radar detection as well as front & rear laser shifters that protect drivers against all speed monitoring devices.

    Completely redesigned, the new ESCORT MAX Ci 360 gives you smaller, more powerful laser shifters that defeat the latest in laser-based speed detection technology along with updatable IVT™ filters that reject false alerts from the latest in-motion vehicle safety systems like collision avoidance and lane departure systems. The new MAX Ci 360 also includes GPS and Bluetooth® for connectivity to the ESCORT Live Community and the DEFENDER® database of red light & speed camera locations.

    **MAX Ci 360 is only available from certified installation experts.**

    The front and rear laser shifters provide 360° protection against laser threats including the latest variable pulse rate laser guns. Sensors can be programmed to “shift” for maximum protection. “Shifting” may not be legal in your area. Check local laws before activating.

    “Mark Location”

    mark location radar detector

    Escort Mark Location Button

    The ESCORT MAX Ci 360’s “Mark Location” feature enables the customer to manually mark known speed traps, camera locations, or anything else worth noting. Once stored in its memory, the MAX Ci 360 will provide sufficient warning for all of these points of interest.

    Get Rid of the Radar Detector Stuck to Your Windshield!!!

    The Escort Max 360ci is a stealth installation that is undetectable to the average person. It does NOT come with a windshield detector. The system on this Dodge Hellcat is clean and the right way to have protection from speeding tickets. It also puts you under the radar to a passing vehicles and pedestrians.

    Escort Radar Detector

    *Having objects in your view while driving offer another blind spot to your vehicle. Please be careful while driving.*

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    Next Level Inc. is an authorized dealer and installer of Escort products and you should not buy systems from anywhere else that is not a trusted dealer. Our installations come with a “Lifetime Labor Warranty” when products like the Max360ci and the 9500 Series are purchased through Next Level Inc.

    Call to talk to one of our friendly staff members
    Next Level Inc.
    87 W. Michigan St.
    Orlando, Florida 32806

    Pioneer Audio Installed In 2008 Dodge Challenger Saleen

    custom audio dodge challenger

    Our client came to us with their 2008 Dodge Challenger Saleen and we installed a pioneer system in his car.



    2010 Dodge Challenger Color Changing Headlights

    2010 Dodge Challanger

    2010 Dodge Challenger

    Headlights Change Color with App

    Green Lights Auto

    Change colors

    2010 Dodge Challanger

    2010 Dodge Challenger

    Train Horn Led Lights and Custom Switch panel On 2016 Ram 2500


    Rigid RDS 54" Light Bar and fog light kit installed

    Rigid RDS 54″ Light Bar and fog light kit installed

    Rigid Flush mount LED back up lights installed

    Rigid Flush mount LED back up lights installed

    Custom switch panel in Dodge 2500

    Custom switches and panel in Dodge 2500

    Horn blasters train horn set installed

    Horn blasters train horn set installed

    Dodge Challenger 570 With Full Pioneer System

    A customer brought in a new Dodge Challenger 570 and wanted it to sound as good as it looked. We went with a full Pioneer system with dual 10″ subwoofers powered by a D8601 amp and for all the door speakers we used a D8604 amp with Pioneer speakers. All of this is hooked up to a Pioneer 2700BS head unit.

    Dodge Challenger 570

    Dodge Challenger 570


    Dodge Challenger 570

    570 Challenger upclose

    570 Challenger upclose

    Dual Pioneer 10" subs in custom enclosure

    Dual Pioneer 10″ subs in custom enclosure

    Oracle Lights Installed On Dodge Eco Boost Diesel 1500

    New Dodge 1500 Diesel a customer brought in for some headlight upgrades. We added oracle white halo headlights and fog lights to the factory housings. Call today to price out your custom Headlights 407-704-5676.


    Front view of halo


    Close up view of oracle halo


    Oracle White Halo

    Oracle White Halo

    LED Accent Lighting Installed On 2013 Dodge Viper

    Viper GTS custom

    A client brought in a Dodge Viper looking to have a LED lighting kit installed. We decided to use custom white and amber LEDs under the hood, inside the wheel wells and inside the fenders. Call today for your custom lighting option 407-704-5676.

    Dodge Viper custom LED kit

    Dodge Viper custom LED kit

    White LEDs under hood

    White LEDs under hood

    Amber LEDs in wheel wells and inside fenders

    Amber LEDs in wheel wells and inside fenders