VizuaLogic Headrest TV and Tablet with Bluetooth Controller and Headphones

video stream in car orlando custom

Vizualogic is the market leader in manufacturing Rear Seat Entertainment, providing a removable full android tablet solution to the PerfectMatch ™ headrest which matches your vehicle interior with leather, vinyl, cloth, stitch, and thread.

All Phoenix 7 Systems come with Dual removable tablets that Lock and Dock into our patented PerfectMatch™ headrests to ensure an “enjoyable” and “safe” experience. Meets FMVSS standards.

Vizualogic removable tablet

Easy to Remove from Headrest and Secure Lock when Charging


portable vehicle smartphone tablet

Quiet Car Rides with the Family

Enjoy the same content between tablets with our ShareTab technology.

video stream in car orlando custom

Video Streaming in Your Car or Truck!

Microphone and Cameras allows for video chatting with your favorite apps like Snapchat and Skype.

USB port conveniently located for accessing a flash drive or charging a device.

Includes SD card slot for upgradable memory (32GB Maximum)


-Up to 20 Hours of battery life on a single charge-
-Controls all Functions of the Tablets User Interface-
-Controls all Functions of SmartDVD™-
-Can be used with Most Android Market Controller Compatible Games-


– Built-in Lithium Battery lasts up to 6hrs on a full charge –
– High-Quality 40mm mylar loudspeaker for audiophile grade sound quality –
– Convenient USB charging –
– Remote functions Volume +/-, Play, Stop, Previous and Next –
– When connected to a cell phone can also be used as a hands free device –


All labor comes with a Lifetime Warranty when products are purchased through Next Level Inc!!

To schedule your time for us to install Visualogic Headrest TV’s and accessories, please call us at

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New Oreion Reeper 4 with New Fusion Stereo

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Introducing our first sound project on an Oreion Reeper4.

Oreion Reeper4

Oreion Reeper4

This Reeper is a durable, comfortable seating for four with fully adjustable driver and co-pilot seats. The customer wanted a higher quality stereo than the stock one that it come from the factory with. So we set up a Fusion MS-RA70N Marine Entertainment System with Bluetooth & NMEA 2000 and two 6″ 150 watt 2-way speakers.


“Introducing the MS-RA70N, FUSIONs sleekest value-packed marine stereo, designed to deliver a quality on-water entertainment experience by incorporating some of the latest marine technologies. Engineered to seamlessly replace any standard DIN sized non-marinised stereo without the need to reconfigure dash space. Clever styling allows an installer the option of either mounting the stereo with a conventional dash finish or an option to integrate into a glass helm with a flush surface mount, ensuring a high-end installation.


UPDATE: Now with added support for FUSION-Link Lite via ANT for Garmin Smart Watch control.


•A2DP Bluetooth Audio streaming with FUSION-Link app remote control available
•AM / FM Radio Tuner with support for DAB Radio (MS-DAB100A Module and Antenna Package)
•USB MP3 Playback with support for Apple iAP2 and Android AOA music
•IPx7 Waterproof front face with optically bonded LCD
•Flush or Dash mounting installation options
•FUSION-Link NMEA 2000 Ready for connection and control from any supported Multi-Function Display
•Multi-Zone Control (2 Zone System) Works with MS-NRX200i remote control when installed on a powered network (additional cabling required)
•Stream your favorite soundtrack from any compatible device with control* available from the stereo or your connected smart phone via the FUSION-Link Bluetooth app. Simply download the free Apple® or •Android™ FUSION-Link remote control app for Bluetooth from iTunes™ or Google Play™ and enjoy localized zone control, source navigation, track selection and the freedom of wireless control.”

4″ 120 Watt 2-Way Speakers

FUSION’s Full Range Marine Speakers are designed and engineered specifically for the marine environment. FUSION’s marine speakers include design innovations and materials that not only produce great sound, but also ensure a sustained high performance level during prolonged exposure to the marine elements.

Incorporating the latest German ‘CURV’ cone technology and titanium tweeter dome for clear, powerful sound in the harsh marine environment. ‘CURV’ technology incorporates a woven fibre composite which is heat pressed to form a lighter and stronger cone. This creates greater sound definition, higher output and greater resistance to the marine environment. Engineered to minimise magnetic interference to navigational equipment.

4″ 2-Way Speakers, 120 Watts Max Power

True Marine Protection-
Designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and comply with International ASTM Standards for UV Stability (ASTM-D4329) and Salt/Fog Resistance (ASTM-B117)

True Waterproof Design-
Complies with IP65 Waterproof and Dust Standards and features a fully sealed cross-over, magnet and tweeter housing with waterproof cone and surrounds

True Power Saving-
High efficiency design reduces battery drain

Magnetic Shielding-
When installing marine electronics, magnetic interference is something that all installers take into consideration. Understanding this, FUSION has added a Bucking Magnet at the rear of the speaker motor assembly, which reduces interference that can occur with compasses or compass-based electronics*.


This Reaper4 is a cool vehicle and we are sure you will more of these soon. To find your Central Florida Dealer for an Oreion, visit

If you have any questions for us, or will like to schedule for your vehicle to be customized, please call us at 407-704-5676.

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Loud Custom Stereo on Airboat

custom airboat florida

Airboats are fun! We have some boats ourselves that we have installed custom Seadek Non-Skid, waterproof speakers from Wetounds, and Ocean LED and Rigid Industry Lights just like on this customers boat. The customer here asked us to install a screaming and waterproof Wetsounds stereo so their friends can hear the music from across the state.

This airboat now has four 10″ speakers and four 8″ color changing Wetsounds speakers, a 10inch sub from Wetsounds, and 2 marine amps to power it all.

2 Rigid Industry square lights were installed around the fan cage as well as more LED lights under the gunwale and in the fan cage.

Music can now be controlled from a remote or a smart phone. Lights can also be controlled through a remote and a smart phone.

At Next Level Inc., we put pride in our work and treat every customer with a white glove treatment. We make sure that the work done is done right the first time. Call us today to talk to a professional that really knows how to understand what a customer is looking for, and how to manage the project in the right price. If you have any questions about this airboats installation, or will like to have this kind of work done to your toys, we are open Monday – Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

87 W. Michigan St.

Orlando, Florida 32803


Rigid Industries Lights Installed


Rigid Industries Lights Installed


Wetsounds – Four 10’s and Four 8’s Installed with Wetsounds Subwoofer. All waterproof!


Custom SeaDek with Next Level and Wetsounds Logo on Waterproof Subwoofer.


Wetsounds 10″ Waterproof Speaker


Color Changing Speakers and LED Lights


Color Changing Speakers and LED Lights


Color Changing Speakers and LED Lights


Color Changing Speakers and LED Lights


Color Changing Speakers and LED Lights


Color Changing Speakers and LED Lights

Seadek installation

Custom Design

airboat seadek

Add Detail to Your Boat with SeaDek Non-Skid Surfacing

airboat seadek

Add Safe Non-Skid Surface from SeaDek at Our Shop

airboat seadek custom audio

Custom SeaDek surface

Porsche Carrera installed Pioneer 4100 NEX 7″ Touch Screen

Porsche Orlando Custom

Connect your compatible iOS, Android™ or MirrorLink™ smartphone with NEX for a truly connected experience, bringing many of your favorite apps right into the dashboard and letting you communicate using advanced high quality Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition to playing numerous sources and file formats, Pioneer’s AppRadio®Mode allows you to bring many of your favorite apps right into the dashboard.

All NEX models feature built-in Bluetooth® that enables both hands-free calling and audio streaming. Including the latest Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.6) with Wideband Speech capability, NEX provides more natural sound quality and details during calls. When streaming music, NEX even lets you browse and select the media stored on your smartphone using the AVRCP 1.4 profile.

Note: MirrorLink compatibility is limited to certain Android phones and varies by phone, phone OS version, and carrier.

For more information on the Pioneer 4100 touch screen head unit,


Porsche Orlando Custom

Next Level Custom Audio

Porsche touch screen orlando

Pioneer 4100 NEX 7″ touch screen

Luxury Car

A client brought in a 2014 Maserati GT and wanted a few upgrades. For starters we installed a hardwired Valentine one radar detector. Next we added a USB plug in the center console and integrated a bluetooth steaming device to factory headhunt. Call today for a free quote to install your accessories 407-704-5676.

USB plug added to center console

USB plug added to center console

Hardwired valentine one radar detector

Hardwired valentine one radar detector

Integraded bluetooth streaming device

Integraded bluetooth streaming device

Our client came to us with an unusual request to entertain his guest while he was catering or serving BBQ out of his mobile smoker. This trailered smoker is not always connected to a truck and only has a small battery so we could not go with a full marine system. We decided on a Wetsounds Stealth 6, a great marine alternative all in one bluetooth sound bar, great for any outdoor location, 100 percent waterproof, and efficient on power draw. Optimizing the flat surface mount brackets out of the many different mounting brackets that come with the sound bar we installed it right below the lid opening for customers to hear. We accented the soundbar with red LED lights to take it to the Next Level and give our client the perfect mobile atmosphere wherever he takes his smoker. Call today with anything custom mild to wild and get your quote 407-704-5676.

Wetsounds Stealth 6 soundbar installed on Uncle Bucks BBQ's mobile smoker.

Wetsounds Stealth 6 soundbar installed on Uncle Bucks BBQ’s mobile smoker.

Uncle Bucks BBQ

Uncle Bucks BBQ mobile smoker hooked up with A Wetsounds Stealth 6 and LED lights.

The Uncle Bucks BBQ crew at a catering event using their Wetsounds stealth bar.

The Uncle Bucks BBQ crew at a catering event using their Wetsounds stealth bar.

Maserati w/Parrot Bluetooth Hands Free and Audio Stream Interface

orlando maserati audio

Bluetooth hands free and audio stream interface custom install on Maserati Quattroporte