VizuaLogic Headrest TV and Tablet with Bluetooth Controller and Headphones

video stream in car orlando custom

Vizualogic is the market leader in manufacturing Rear Seat Entertainment, providing a removable full android tablet solution to the PerfectMatch ™ headrest which matches your vehicle interior with leather, vinyl, cloth, stitch, and thread.

All Phoenix 7 Systems come with Dual removable tablets that Lock and Dock into our patented PerfectMatch™ headrests to ensure an “enjoyable” and “safe” experience. Meets FMVSS standards.

Vizualogic removable tablet

Easy to Remove from Headrest and Secure Lock when Charging


portable vehicle smartphone tablet

Quiet Car Rides with the Family

Enjoy the same content between tablets with our ShareTab technology.

video stream in car orlando custom

Video Streaming in Your Car or Truck!

Microphone and Cameras allows for video chatting with your favorite apps like Snapchat and Skype.

USB port conveniently located for accessing a flash drive or charging a device.

Includes SD card slot for upgradable memory (32GB Maximum)


-Up to 20 Hours of battery life on a single charge-
-Controls all Functions of the Tablets User Interface-
-Controls all Functions of SmartDVD™-
-Can be used with Most Android Market Controller Compatible Games-


– Built-in Lithium Battery lasts up to 6hrs on a full charge –
– High-Quality 40mm mylar loudspeaker for audiophile grade sound quality –
– Convenient USB charging –
– Remote functions Volume +/-, Play, Stop, Previous and Next –
– When connected to a cell phone can also be used as a hands free device –


All labor comes with a Lifetime Warranty when products are purchased through Next Level Inc!!

To schedule your time for us to install Visualogic Headrest TV’s and accessories, please call us at

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