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When you buy a Lamborghini you don’t want to spend every second looking in your rear view mirrors for police. The owner of this black Huracan LP-580-2 wanted to improve his piece-of-mind while cruising through town so we added radar detection to level the playing field.

Technology has ushered in a new age of convenience and accuracy. While we continue to advance so do the multiple tools used in law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies across the nation are equipping themselves with the latest and most advanced radar and laser systems on the planet. One such laser gun, the dragons eye, is helping law enforcement crack down on speeders in real time and has alarming accuracy.

Learn about the difference between speed ticket protection systems including window mounted radar detectors, to advanced Laser Diffusers installed in the front and rear bumpers. Either way, these products from Next Level are the best in the industry and will work on most vehicles.

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A nice ride that can get up and go needs speeding ticket protection. We installed the Escort Passport product to the front grill of this Maserati Levante in an inconspicuous spot as well as a rear module in the rear. The driver has a display that we installed just by the speed gauges to communicate with sound to the driver when someone is speed checking the vehicle. This product will handle speeding tickets, just read more about the company and how they back their product.


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If you will like to do custom work to your car, truck, van, boat, ATV, side-by-side, motorcycle or UTV, then Next Level Inc. is your place!

See our Google Reviews and see why others have chosen us to work on their vehicles.

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Ferrari 488 Installed Escort Max Ci360

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The ESCORT MAX Ci 360 is the best, most advanced detection system for the ultimate in driver alert and ticket protection on the planet. Designed to be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, it features front & rear radar detection as well as front & rear laser shifters that protect drivers against all speed monitoring devices.

Completely redesigned, the new ESCORT MAX Ci 360 gives you smaller, more powerful laser shifters that defeat the latest in laser-based speed detection technology along with updatable IVT™ filters that reject false alerts from the latest in-motion vehicle safety systems like collision avoidance and lane departure systems. The new MAX Ci 360 also includes GPS and Bluetooth® for connectivity to the ESCORT Live Community and the DEFENDER® database of red light & speed camera locations.

**MAX Ci 360 is only available from certified installation experts.**

Audi RS7 Gets a Valentine One with Stealth Install

Audi RS7 Valentine 1 Next Level

When you have a quick car, you might get a speeding ticket faster than you think. We offer products like the Valentine 1 that find radar and laser signals and alert you so you can HIT THE BRAKES!

We recently did a stealth install of a V1 in this Audi RS7.

A “stealth install” means that you don’t have the annoying cord hanging in the middle of your car to a power source. This annoying hanging cord gives law enforcement something to look at and see that you have a radar detector, which in hand gives them a reason to follow you to see if you’ll speed. The stealth installation of radar and laser detectors is the best way to have your detector without being detected that you have one. Call us for more info on stealth installs 407-704-5676

Valentine 1 breakthrough

Find the Direction of the Signal

Info from Valentine1
V1’s new Junk-K Fighter eliminates most mobile K-band radar false alarms.
Here’s the problem: K-band radar false alarms, which were merely nuisances back when automatic store-door openers were the most common source, have recently become major-league irritants, both in their frequency and their persistence.

What changed? A safety feature that’s becoming common on new cars, the lane-change, or blind-spot, warning systems, often use weak K-band radar to “see” other vehicles nearby.

The door-opener problem was self-limiting. It was stationary and you soon drove out of range. But you may be driving in a pack with a blind-spot system generating mobile K-band radar false alarm, and you’re stuck there for miles, not knowing which is the offending car so you don’t know which one to maneuver away from.

V1 responds. All current-production V1s have Junk-K Fighter. If your V1’s serial number ends in 1179 or higher, you already have our best solution built into your detector. It’s a software revision we call the Junk-K Fighter, created to exclude mobile sources of unthreatening K signals.


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Ferrari 458 Stealth Install of PASSPORT 9500ci

Ferrari radar detector

Ferrari radar detector

Stealth Installed K40 Laser Jammer

We installed a PASSPORT 9500ix radar and laser detection system and then did a “stealth installation”

PASSPORT’s twin-antenna design sets a new standard for long-range protection. This patented design is completely undetectable, making it the perfect choice for those who like to run unnoticed. All North American radar bands are covered, including “POP” radar.

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PASSPORT’s AutoSensitivity mode varies radar sensitivity based on your vehicle’s speed. The result is radar performance when needed most.


The PASSPORT 9500ci with all-new ShifterPro sensors provides the ultimate in discreet operation. Included sensors are mounted in the front grill area of your vehicle (rear shifters optional). Interior control module and display are separated for multiple installation options. The result is no messy cords and no unwanted attention.


Our all-new laser “Shifters” provide 360 degree protection (with optional rear shifters), including the latest “double-pulse” laser guns. Multiple sensors positioned front or rear can be programmed to “Shift” for maximum protection. “Shifting” may not be legal in your area. Check local laws before activating.

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PASSPORT 9500ci is compatible with ESCORT Live, the award-winning app and exclusive real-time ticket-protection network, which warns you of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area, and gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts.

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Luxury Car

A client brought in a 2014 Maserati GT and wanted a few upgrades. For starters we installed a hardwired Valentine one radar detector. Next we added a USB plug in the center console and integrated a bluetooth steaming device to factory headhunt. Call today for a free quote to install your accessories 407-704-5676.

USB plug added to center console

USB plug added to center console

Hardwired valentine one radar detector

Hardwired valentine one radar detector

Integraded bluetooth streaming device

Integraded bluetooth streaming device