This sexy orange Chevy Corvette ZR1 now has Ceramic Coating and 2 BlackVue Camera’s in the front and rear windshield. Ceramic Coating was professionally applied the outside of the car and wheels which protects the vehicle from scratches, paint fading, water spots, and more. Whereas the camera’s protection allows the owner to watch every second of the car and store the recordings on a MiniSD card or the cloud.

This car has next level protection!

Have you heard of this Cloud thing people talk when referring to storing data on the internet?

Well it’s not actually a cloud in the sky that’s holding your data. Your text, images and videos are stored on a computer data center, accessible from anywhere with internet, because these data centers are powered and connect to the internet 24hrs a day.

Companies like Black Vue are using data center cloud storage as a service for you to access the video recordings from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. We recommend the DR900S-2CH IR for outside and inside the vehicle recording, even in extremely low light. Watch this video about this model.

This Corvette ZR1 below has the BlackVue 4k front and rear mounted camera’s that we installed. The owner then familiarized himself how to use the BlackVue App and can stay connected to the car. Some BlackVue systems come standard with Free Cloud Storage and we suggest you look into that for money saving options.

House camera’s allow you to see Live feeds of mounted cameras, you should also know what’s going on around your car when you aren’t there! Talk to your insurance provider to see talk about the value they bring to them in your case. Almost nothing is better evidence than live video recordings.

The model Next Level recommends is the DR900S-2CH IR for outside and inside the vehicle recording. Other benefits of this system:

4K Ultra HD (front) and Full HD (interior) cameras.

Wide view angle front (162 degrees) and interior (145 degrees).

The Interior infrared (IR) camera truly sees in the dark, even pitch-black lighting conditions, thanks to integrated infrared LEDs that activate automatically based on the ambient light.

If you will like to have a dash camera system like this installed with cloud storage, please stop in our shop between 9am-6pm. One of our friendly staff members will be glad to help you with questions and information on this type of installation.

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