How one customer made boating memorable and safer with help from Next Level Inc.

We all know that water makes your boats fiberglass steps very slippery and can be unsafe without a non slipping deck surface. So, we started off this project by quickly installing SeaDek floor padding on the back swim platform, across the entire walking space of the interior of the boat and even on parts of the gunwale. The padded material also gives the boat a nice clean touch that can be easily washed with a garden hose. Plus, SeaDek comes in many different colors and patterns making it easy to match the boat colors.

Next, we added color changing *Kicker Audio speakers, ensuring their music sounded the best and will stand up to the Florida weather. Also installed were 4 *Wetsounds REV 8″ wakeboard tower speakers for the rider behind the boat to hear the music.

Now this customer is ready to launch to create memories in their Moomba boat that will last forever,

Come in to our shop to see each style for yourself.

*All equipment comes with a lifetime installation warranty ONLY when product are purchased through our shop.

To have a free estimate on SeaDek, Marine Speakers, and/or LED lighting for your car, truck , or boat, please call us at 407-704-5676.

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Wetsounds Audio Installed On 2016 Regal 2100 Surf

A client brought us a brand new 2016 Regal 2100 RX Surf looking to install a custom sound system. This is the brand new innovated Regal Surf system with Regalvue Surf Control. We installed a full Wet Sounds Audio system with two Rev 8″ tower speakers powered by a Wet Sounds HT4 amplifier with an integrated head unit. Call today to price out your marine audio system 407-704-5676.

Rear view 2016 RX 2100 Surf

Rear view 2016 RX 2100 Surf

2016 RX 2100 Surf

2016 RX 2100 Surf


2100 Surf Wet Sounds Rev 8″ tower speakers

This is the new innovated Volvo forward drive system with underwater lighting for late night surfing

This is the new innovative Volvo forward drive system with underwater lighting for late night surfing

Rev 8" Tower speakers

Wet Sounds Rev 8″ Tower speakers