Transforming a Blue Nautique 211 Boat

Blue Nautique. Feature photo. Edited. Next Level Customs. Next Level Audio. Orlando Custom Audio.
Blue Nautique. Feature photo. Edited.

What truly enhances the maritime experience is a soundtrack that matches the beauty of it’s surroundings.

Setting the Tone: Upgrading the Sound System

A boat isn’t just a vessel; it’s a canvas on which memories are painted with the brushstrokes of music. Upgrading the sound system isn’t just about enhancing audio quality; it’s about shaping the ambiance of every voyage. The Blue Nautique 211 boat underwent a symphonic transformation as a cutting-edge sound system from Fusion Audio was seamlessly integrated. The marine-grade technology was tailored to the aquatic environment, creating an immersive audio experience that resonated with the boat’s elegance and the sea’s timeless beauty.

New Garmin Fusion Radio and Kicker Amplifiers Installed

Custom acrylic encasing the Fusion Radio and securely installed amps.

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    Yellow Ski Nautique Upgraded

    Next Level Inc. Next Level Customs. Orlando Custom Audio. Yellow Nautique Boat. Next Level Customs. Next Level Audio. Orlando Custom Audio.
    Yellow Nautique.

    The iconic yellow Ski Nautique boat embarked on a journey of transformation at our shop. This boat underwent a series of upgrades that blended the power of technology with the allure of the open waters. From custom JL Audio speakers to a Fusion Radio system and the embrace of SeaDek®, the Ski Nautique’s evolution is a testament to the harmony of innovation and beauty.

    This Ski Nautique got a new stereo, speakers, and SeaDek®

    JL Audio Speakers

    The heartbeat of any boating experience is the soundtrack that accompanies every journey. For the yellow Ski Nautique, this meant an immersive auditory journey with the installation of custom JL Audio speakers. These speakers, designed for marine environments, perfectly blended performance and durability. With a symphony of sound that cascades over the waters, every adventure became a musical masterpiece, resonating with the boat’s vibrant energy.

    Fusion Radio System

    The Fusion Radio system seamlessly integrated into the Ski Nautique’s dashboard is the navigator of melodies. With an intuitive interface, wireless connectivity, and access to various audio sources, the Fusion Radio system brought an element of convenience to the boat’s interior. Whether it’s tuning into a favorite station or connecting to personal playlists, the Fusion Radio system transformed the boat into a floating concert hall.

    A Sea of Comfort: SeaDek® Upgrade

    Comfort is a key aspect of any boating experience, and the Ski Nautique embraced this with the introduction of SeaDek® marine flooring. The once-traditional surfaces were transformed into soft, cushioned areas that invited passengers to revel in comfort. SeaDek® not only enhances relaxation but also ensures safety with its non-slip surface.

    Where Technology Meets Artistry

    The journey of upgrading the yellow Ski Nautique boat with custom JL Audio speakers, a Fusion Radio system, and SeaDek® is an embodiment of craftsmanship and transformation. The integration of technology required precision and expertise to ensure every note was crisp and clear. The installation of SeaDek® demanded an understanding of design, aesthetics, and functionality to create an environment that was as safe as it was inviting.

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      Feet on Fire 2019 Recap

      Congratulations to the winner of the 2019 Feet on Fire barefoot contest; Jake Ramsdell from Chippewa Lake, Ohio.

      Winners 2019 Feet on Fire

      Photo by Hustle House Gym

      Feet on Fire is a 32-man, head-to-head barefoot endurance contest with one main rule: no barefoot suits allowed, only a pair of shorts and a vest. The event was founded by watersports industry announcer Danny (Dano the Mano) Amir and pro wakeboarders Parks Bonifay, Daniel Watkins and Erik Ruck. The first Feet on Fire was held in 2005 on Clear Lake in Orlando, Florida. Since then, the barefoot endurance competition has taken place numerous times in Central Florida, Wisconsin and Australia. The event is owned, organized and produced by Touch of the North Events, LLC.

      The first Feet on Fire was held in 2005 on Clear Lake in Orlando, Florida at Crazy Kelman’s legendary house. Since then, the barefoot endurance competition has taken place numerous times in Central Florida, Wisconsin and Australia.

      The idea was an endurance barefoot contest, with almost no rules. The one main rule: no barefoot suits allowed, only a pair of shorts and a vest. Aside from that one golden rule, the barefoot contest would basically be anything goes. Two guys start behind the boat and have to be barefooting by a certain point, but they didn’t care how – deepwater starts, one or two ski step-off starts, wakeboards, wakeskates, wake surfers, kneeboards … anything, they just needed to be barefooting by a certain point.


      Congratulations again to Jake and all of the other athletes for putting their feet on fire!

      Jake Being Congratulated by Grandfather

      Next Level will like to thank SeaDek Marine Products and all of the other great sponsors for supporting this event at The Waterfront Orlando.

      Sport Nautique with SeaDek and Kicker Audio

      wakeboard boat speakers

      sport-nautique-seadek-top-viewPictured below is a wakeboard boat from Ski Nautique, the Sport Nautique with a wakeboard tower. We added SeaDek Non-Skid padded flooring and an upgraded stereo from Kicker Audio. The speakers are marine grade so they can withstand the outdoor weather here in Florida. A Kicker marine amp was also installed to add a fuller sound to the boat.

      SeaDek has become a highly requested product to add to boats this year because of the durability and non-skid protection that it brings to marine vehicles. SeaDek comes in many different colors, patterns, and textures.

      We at Next Level Inc. do free estimates and very fast turnarounds on installation. Customers can bring their boats, cars, and trucks to our shop for installation, or we can come out to your remote location (example: at the marina).

      We also offer a lifetime installation warranty when products are purchased through our shop.

      Sport Nautique Orlando

      Sport Nautique Upgrade at Next Level Inc.


      Kicker Audio Wakeboard Tower Speakers


      SeaDek Padding and Kicker Speaker Installation


      Sport Nautique Driver Seat


      Kicker Marine Amplifier

      Call us today to talk about adding SeaDek, marine speakers, LED lights, navigation, and other marine products to customize your toys. 407-704-5676