Lexus 460 Full Custom Trunk With Mmats Audio

Our client came in with their Lexus 460 used for show purposes and wanted to do a full system to rock out the competition at the car shows. We started with the Highs and swapped all the factory speakers for Mmats Pro Audio components Powered by Mmats Hifi-series amplifiers to keep a factory look on the doors and pillars but give optimal Sound. In the trunk we did two Mmats Monster 12 in a custom ported box with the amplifiers and sub window Trimmed out with RGB LED lights. Also in the trunk we trimmed out the spare 22″ Vossen wheel accented with RGB LED lights as well. Call today to price out your custom options 407-704-5676.


LED Illuminated and trimmed trunk

Lexus 460 Trunk

Lexus 460 Trunk


Exterior shot Lexus ls460