Based in Deerfield Beach, Florida Bocatech delivers industry leading power management systems for a variety of vehicles such as RV’s, boats, trucking as well as aviation. Bocatech specializes in designing & manufacturing high quality products for over 30 years.

With a full line of Resettable switches, Non-resettable switches and Isolators, Bocatech has what you’re looking for when it comes to power management for your vehicle, land, air or sea. Below we will discuss some of Bocatech’s more popular products and what benefits they offer you as the consumer.

Bocatech’s Mini LED Navigation/ Anchor Push Button Switch is one of those featured products. It is built with 316 stainless steel components, is environmentally rugged and hosts a stylish bi-color function LED.
One switch provides two channel outputs for Nav & Anchor boat light. Because of its size the mini LED is efficient and only requires a 3/4inch hole for installation. Multiple functions are available with the press of a single button; lets go over all that it can do. First press turns on the Navigation & Anchor lights and the LED ring will turn Blue. Second press leaves Anchor light on and turns off Navigation light the LED ring will turn Red and the Third press turns all lights off.
See below pictures of a custom installation we did for a Sterling boat with an Acrylic Dash made in-house and Bocatech Switches installed.
Bocatech’s new Mini 15ADC, solid state Push Button Switch is another popular product for this Deerfield Beach based company . It is built to last with stainless steel components is environmentally rugged designed to handle the toughest conditions.
Bocatech’s self-contained, new Mini Switch delivers high power 15AD, most other switches in this size only deliver 3-5DC amps.Because of its size, the distribution can be populated more densely and still provide high current to branch circuitry. With the Mini 15ADC there is no need for external electronic control or wiring. Installation is very simple and only requires a ¾ inch hole for high current products. The Mini 15ADC won an Innovation Award at the 2015 IBEX show which highlights technology in the boarding industry.
Along with the switches offered Bocatech also has a line of isolators and automatic power selectors. The Bocatech Automatic Power Selectors provide simple, solid state solution for redundant DC power for vital electronic equipment while maintaining isolation of the DC power sources.
Bocatech offers these in 2 variations:
-The ones containing the number 1 in the model number have Schottsky diodes and a 0.3V drop @ full load.
-The ones with a model number not containing the number 1, have 0.6V drops.
The independent batteries are wired to higher torque-accepting terminals and internal diodes maintain total isolation between them. They are combined in a single output which is wired to the load. The unit is ruggedly constructed with heavy-duty wiring studs and epoxy potted components in an anodized aluminum case.
See below a custom acrylic dash that we installed a slew of Bocatech Switches to control most of the boat’s electronics. Wiring this boat was no laughing matter, but we at Next Level choose to make sure that the installation of electronics and wiring are the best you can find in Florida.
As you can see Deerfield Beach, Florida based Bocatech Switches offers consumers many different options all delivering their own benefits. Visit their site to see the other products they offer such as live wells and custom options and what sets them apart for other competition. Whether it’s a new or old RV, boat or truck they have a product that can help increase efficiency, show some style all while remaining affordable and easy to install.

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