Red Datsun Car, Next Level Orlando

A customer came in with their classic Datsun for an upgrade on its sound system! Check out the stereo our team custom made.

Datsun, an automobile brand owned by Nissan, began producing vehicles in 1931 and later the Datsun brand was phased out. For now here are some shots from the upgrade our team completed on it!

Red Datsun Car engine, Next Level Orlando

Alpine Electronics Speaker and Subwoofers

Alpine Electronic’s subwoofers combine impressive bass output with high power handling and efficiency, this paired with their speakers creates a sound quality that’ll definitely take your driving experience to the Next Level!

Custom Sound Deadening Liner

To finish off this upgrade our team installed Kilmat sound deadening liner on the trunk interior. Kilmat is designed to improve your car’s audio by dampening the external road noises and insulate the superb audio.

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