Custom molded Fairing and Saddle Bags on a Victory Motorcycle

Our client came to us with his factory Victory motorcycle and wanted to be able to hear his music while riding without sacrificing the look of his bike or sound quality. We took his bike and trimmed the windshield down, cut into the existing fairing to add Kicker Marine 6.5’s and custom molded the saddle bags to fit a pair of Kicker Marine 8’s. Our small upgrades and color matched paint Improved the bikes sound quality tremendously without sacrificing the look of the bike or storage in the saddle bags. Call today to get an estimate on upgrading your sound 407-496-5265.

Kicker Marine speakers installed on Victory Motorcycle

Custom Victory motorcycle with molded fairing and saddle bags with color matched paint

Fairing with Kicker Marine 6.5 speakers and double din custom molded

Custom fairing with Kicker Marine 6.5’s and trimmed wind shield

Custom Molded saddle bags and custom fairing with Kicker Marine audio

Custom fairing with Kicker Marine 6.5’s and saddle bags with custom molded Kicker Marine 8’s

Custom molded saddle bags and Ostrich seat

Ostrich seat and custom molded saddle bags with Kicker Marine 8’s.


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