Volkswagen Beetle Gets A Next Level Custom Stereo

Custom Subwoofer Box JL Audio Volkswagen Beetle

A customer came in with her VW Beetle telling us of a group that she hangs out with and how she wanted to impress them with a next-level stereo out of her little car. We were very excited to get started building out a custom stereo that would make her friend’s jaw be found on the floor.

To make this a great sounding stereo, we needed to install professional speakers in the doors replacing the existing stock equipment. This required a 3-way active component set in the doors which means each speaker is powered by the amp individually. Our stereo professionals installed Mmatts Pro Audio speakers in each door with a mix of other brands and we fabricated a custom door panel for the speakers. The top speaker is a bullet, the others are a 6.5″ and an 8″.

2 JL Audio 12″ subwoofers were installed in a custom fabricated box in the trunk. A single JL amp was installed just for the subs, another JL amp was installed just for the door speakers, and an Alpine sound processor was installed to give the right power and sound combination for all types of music. These subwoofers need a break-in period to ensure quality sound and for components to stretch their legs.

It’s called a “break-in period” that we educated owners on and you may read elsewhere that it is not required, but our experience with car audio shows us that we suggest this with any high-level subwoofer.

We tell customers, “Don’t blast the stereo for one week, then come back in and we will tune the sound processor to handle the volume you desire to impress.”


LED lights and a switch were the last things to be installed.

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