Must See Backup/Rear View Camera on a Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferari 458 Orlando

We had the privilege of doing something never been done before at our shop on this Ferrari 458 Italia. Adding a rearview camera in this car can be very expensive through other shops, but that’s why we are Next Level Inc.

We found a much more inexpensive way with a rearview mirror that integrates to an installed, and very small, rear view camera by the license plate. We have never seen a backup camera installed on this car like this before and at our price. We had to custom fab parts, giving the installation a very clean finish.

The customer also wanted a Passport Escort 9500i radar and laser detector installed in his new exotic. We custom fabricated, and installed everything this customer wanted and gave him a lifetime warranty on all labor installation because he purchased all products from us.

If you have any questions or will like to talk about how we can add custom features to your vehicle or boat, please come in now so we can give you an exact price.

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Custom camera orlando ferrari back up

Close up of rear view camera

rear view camera ferrari 458 orlando

Rear view camera is so small and works so good

Ferrari exotic car interior red 458 italia

Beautiful interior of the 485 Italia

rearview camera ferrari custom orlando

Rearview mirror with backup camera installed with the white glove treatment

Ferari 458 Orlando

Next Level Inc. Loves Ferrari’s

Ferrari 458 custom exotic car

Ferrari 458 Italia tail light

Custom work on exotic cars

Installed a Passport Escort radar and laser detector along with rear view mirror back up camera

Tire size ferrari

295 is the width
35 is the height
20 is the rim size

headlights ferrari

Headlight Technology

exotics car engine

458 Italia Engine